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Bog Laps 
V.i.P static show

People's Choice Awards

Rolling show

Cruisin' the streets has been around since the invention of the motorized carriage.

With a full program of activities  in the planning, we know your itchin' to get out and roll with your mates whilst in Bunbury.


1.Bog laps - Carey St end of Victoria St is the entry point on both days

Bog lap participants enter and stay in Victoria St and on the advertised timeslots bog laps leave Victoria St.

When you leave Victoria St on the bog lap you can choose to return into Victoria St and reset for the next one or just continue on your journey elsewhere.

We are not taking BOG lap registrations.

BumpersnBeats Bunbury

We have made huge changes to make your experience even better. 

Our roving MC will be chatting to owners about their rides through out the day.

Maps will be distributed to drivers on arrival on the day.


March 2nd: Victoria St opens at 1pm. On the hours of 2pm, 4pm and 6pm we are taking to the streets.

March 3rd: Victoria St opens 10am. On the hours of 11am, 1pm and 5pm we cruise.


Listen out for the announcement it's time to ride!

Beat The Heat return and lead every lap.


A gold coin will be a great donation towards the costs of delivering BNB24.

Donation bins will be at the entry point, Carey st end of Victoria ST.

Car clubs are welcome to to book as a club. (BOG LAPS)

This will assist in ensuring you are all entering the site together.

Registration will be required. Use the contact form to make enquiries.

Static displays -

2. Static car and club displays

STATIC displays (those NOT participating in the bog laps) ENTRY is NOW CLOSED

Join us and display on the below streets - all participants will be eligible for Best on Show Award.

A winner will be announced on stage  around 4:30pm each day.

Loads of prizes and awesome rides on show. You can book both March 2nd & 3rd or just one day.

These site are also perfect for clubs or social groups to park for the day and enjoy the entertainment. 1 to 6 bays can be allocated  for groups. Traders (automotive related) can also ask to have a display in these streets (two 6x3m sites) available per street.

Speed Street

Symmons St. The street to see some street legal rides with some serious grunt.

Drift cars to burn out pros, speedway to rally. If you have a ride that's going to create a buzz then we want you!

Free registration. Participants can choose to stay static or participate in the Bog Laps on both days!

Hot Rod Alley

Prinsep St. Exclusively reserved for the serious rodders.

Rat rods, hot rods, true gems. Registrations for this section is limited.

Rodders are also invited to attend 'Grease' The movie in BGMM carpark

from 7pm March 2nd email us separately if you wish to park up and watch the movie


Strictly static for the duration of the event.

Registration open now!

Steel Real ROAD

Wellington St. Steel Bumpers pre-1979.

Strictly static for the duration of the event.

Registration open now!

T&C's can be found here. 

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