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Our event could not happen with out all of our generous sponsors.

To all who are rallying behind Bumpers'n'Beats, whether you're a powerhouse name or a local luminary, your generosity knows no bounds. As we prepare to rock the shores of Bunbury, Western Australia, your steadfast commitment is the bedrock upon which our festival stands. Your support isn't just about sponsorship; it's about believing in the power of music to unite, inspire, and uplift souls. March 2nd and 3rd are not just dates; they're a testament to the harmonious synergy between community and creativity. Your names will echo through the corridors of time, intertwined with the melodies and memories forged amidst the pulsating beats and electrifying atmosphere. So, to our rockin' sponsors, big and small, we extend our deepest gratitude and invite you to join us as we create magic at Bumpers'n'Beats.

Be there, and let's make history together!

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